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I firmly believe that food and history go hand in hand. Although I discovered that my passion for creating yummy things slightly set the scale off balance when related to history, I just can't seem to turn off my love for all things historic.

Both cooking and history are as fun as you make them, and I am determined to turn both into the most enjoyable experience I possible can. If that means that besides cooking up a mean Coq au vin you can boast off with your friends with a story that remotes back to Julius Caesar, then so be it. 

What can you expect to find in this little "nook of the internet"? Traditional old school recipes, some of my own concoction, lots of history and fun facts, and of course some Latin American and Spanish flair!


About me


Hi! I'm Michelle, a historian gone rogue, turned pastry chef. I used to own a succesful caterering business in my native Bogotá, but sold it and moved across the globe. Now all my creative (gastronomical) energy flows into this little blog.