About me


Hi, I’m Michelle and welcome to my little corner of the Internet where I will be sharing fascinating historical tales and stories of the food we eat as well as the most delicious recipes.

In what almost seems to be my previous life I taught history and ran a successful bakery and catering company in Bogotá, Colombia.

At the tender age of three, thanks to my grandmother I fell in love with food, and albeit studying History and Archeology in Spain, a passion and love like that you never forget. After returning to my natal Bogotá I started teaching, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get my mind off of food. And that is how my company started,I managed to persuade another bonafide food obsessed woman, and might I add FANTASTIC cook,  my mother. Our little company was an ode of my wonderful mentor, my grandmother, María Teresa, a sharp and witty noblewoman from Mallorca who learned how to cook by escaping her German governess and sneaking into the kitchens of her father’s hotels.

But alas a dashing youngish Frenchman came into my life and a few years later I decided to pack up my things and move.You see it seemed easier to cook someplace else, than to build an offshore wind farm in the middle of the Andes mountains.

I have to admit it was the hardest decision I have ever had to take. Leaving my family behind (my mother, my brothers and I are incredibly close), and that selling off and dismembering my baby (bakery) was tough like you wouldn't imagine.  However I negotiated coming back home regularly, and in the end I let this wonderful man whisk me off to Paris (not bad for a baker/historian).

This space is an attempt to connect my two great passions, food & history,  as well as my very globalized heritage. I was born and semi-raised in Bogotá, which makes me a very proud Colombian. But I am the daughter of a Spanish mother and a Turkish-Belgian Sephardic jewish father. I am profoundly smitten with all things Spanish and find Middle Eastern food & culture incredibly alluring.

I dedicate this blog to all of those who, like me, love a scrumptious meal but realize that a good little story to tell makes it all the more memorable.