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Lavender Beignets filled with fig preserves

Pillowy and elegant little doughnut squares infused with lavender, coated with lavender vanilla sugar and filled with delicious fig jam. From now on this will probably be the only beignet you will ever make.

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Pumpkin churros & Spanish hot chocolate

Few things are as enjoyable as a crisp churro dipped in dark hot chocolate. Check out this pumpkin churro make-over complete with aromatic pumpkin spice and traditional Spanish hot chocolate

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Roscón de Reyes: Spanish King Cake

Roscón de Reyes or Spanish King cake is a delicate brioche-like bread flavored with orange blossom water and dotted with festive candied or dried fruit. It’s a sweet bread that is perfect for brunch and dunked in coffee or hot chocolate Roscón de Reyes is short of heaven.

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